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  • Applicable law – jurisdiction
    You also agree that any objection, complaint or dispute relating to this consultation or its consequences or resulting therefrom shall be subject exclusively to Belgian law and shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels. Barring the application of an imperative provision or a provision of law and order under Belgian law, proceedings shall be conducted in French.
  • Limitation of the commitment made by DOMINIQUE THIRION
    DOMINIQUE THIRION presents on this site different items and informations which he hopes to be of interest to you. Unless a sale is concluded, it does not under any circumstances make any contractual commitment to you regarding either the provision of information or the reliability or accuracy of this information even though his best efforts are given to this end. The information and data provided may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. As it does not make any commitment to you in this regard, no liability may be attributed to DOMINIQUE THIRION in this respect. However, DOMINIQUE THIRION undertakes not to be guilty of fraud in the provision of this information.
  • Limitation of liability
    Without prejudice to the above, DOMINIQUE THIRION may, in addition, be held liable only and exclusively in the event of deliberate, fraudulent error on its part, and if this fraud is the definite, direct and sole cause of the harm you suffer.
    Should its liability as regards you be established notwithstanding and pursuant to the above, DOMINIQUE THIRION may only be obliged, whatever the circumstances, to make good the damage caused directly by its fraud and up to a maximum of USD 1,000.
    You further guarantee DOMINIQUE THIRION against any complaint or recourse formulated against him by a third party further to the consultation or use by you of all or part of the site and the information provided therein.
  • Copyright
    Both the site itself and the information and images provided by DOMINIQUE THIRION are protected by copyright and are the intellectual property of DOMINIQUE THIRION.
    You are granted the right to consult this information and images exclusively while consulting this WEB site.
    You are therefore forbidden, without the express consent of DOMINIQUE THIRION: (a) to download, copy, extract, reproduce, forward or distribute all or part of the site or the information it provides in any way whatsoever; (b) to use the data or other elements on the site for any purpose other than consultation for your own personal benefit, and in particular to check, correct or supplement another database or system or compilation of information.
    You are forbidden to modify the site or the information it provides, in particular by removing identifying elements from the site or information, copyright notices or warnings and terms and conditions relating to authors’ rights, copyright, consultation conditions, etc. If you refer to the site, the database or the information provided, you are obliged to cite DOMINIQUE THIRION as the source of the information and indicate the existence of the DOMINIQUE THIRION’s copyright on this.
  • Privacy
    The data which you provide for DOMINIQUE THIRION will be processed by computer. This processing is intended exclusively for the purpose of site customer management and the management of the services we provide for you. In fact, we wish to provide you with the most appropriate information and services given your own centres of interest. This individualised information will not be forwarded to third parties. You are free to request access to the data processed concerning you and if necessary to request that it be updated or corrected. For this purpose, it is up to you to request access to these data from the File Manager, DOMINIQUE THIRION, Avenue des Capucines, 13, à 1030 Bruxelles, Belgique , by registered mail, or by e-mail sent to Moreover, you can send any questions you may have concerning the site or these terms and conditions by e-mail to