Heliopolitan Jupiter - Bronze

Heliopolitan Jupiter - BronzeHeliopolitan Jupiter - BronzeHeliopolitan Jupiter - Bronze

Heliopolitan Jupiter.
Bronze. Height 13,7 cm.
Represented standing, beardless, with the face of a youth, in the oriental mode. The hair in loops in the manner of a wig is surmounted by a calathos. He is dressed in oriental fashion, with a long girdle-cuirass which goes down to the feet, adorned with compartments each enclosing either a star or a thunderbolt. He holds a palmette and brandishes a thunderbolt.
2nd-3rd century AD Eastern Roman Empire.
Lack at the back and pierced at the height of the knees otherwise very good conservation.

From an old private collection. Acquired in the early 80s.

The god Jupiter of Heliopolis, present-day Baalbek in Lebanon, perfectly illustrates the religious syncretism that existed in the Levant during the imperial Roman period, mixing Syrian heritage, Egyptian influences and general evolutions of religious concepts during this period - search for a link of salvation with the deity, irruption of astrology into the practice of worship.
Heir to the Syrian gods of the storm, the god of Heliopolis, whose cult spreads in the Roman Empire, acquires at this time universal and cosmological powers, which draw largely on astronomical sciences and astrology.


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