Uninscribed heart scarab - Grey-green schist

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Uninscribed heart scarab - Grey-green schistUninscribed heart scarab - Grey-green schistUninscribed heart scarab - Grey-green schist

Uninscribed heart scarab.
Grey-green schist. Lenght 6,2 cm.
Dynasty XXI-XXVI, 1070-525 B.C.
Small scratch on the plate around the head otherwise intact.

The ancient Egyptians attached great importance to the preservation of the heart. They believed it to be the seat of intelligence, rather than the brain, which was discarded during mummification. The heart was left in the body and the heart scarab was placed over it. Spell XXXB from The Book of Death requests that the heart does not speak out against the deceased before the tribunal on judgement day. During the judgement, the heart was weighed on a scale opposite the maat feather, which represented all truth and order. If the heart balanced, it was considering true and just and the deceased was adjudged “True of Voice” and allowed into the heavenly realm. If the heart did not measure up, the deceased was devoured by the monster called Ammut, “Devourer of the Dead”, whose victims lost their opportunity for eternal life.


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