Table-top fragment decorated with a hunting scene - Marble

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Table-top fragment decorated with a hunting scene - Marble

Table-top fragment.
Marble. Lenght 52 cm.
The curved panel bordered by a frieze, preserving a lion and lioness attacking gazelles, the lion approaching from the left, leaping towards the rear of one gazelle, running right but loking back, the second gazelle confronting the lioness, a tree to the right, a decorative molding along the lower border, a raised plain border above.
Late 4th century A.D. Roman art.
Recomposed from four fragments otherwise well preserved.

Relief border such as this fragment were sculpted on both round and horsehoe-shaped tables. They were produced through-out the Eastern Mediterranean and they depicted both religious and secular motifs. For a similar example with animals in combat see H. Weis, ed., Ebla to Damascus, Art and Archaeology of Ancient Syria, Washington, D.C. (1988), 233.

From a private European collection, 1990s.


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