Ring stone - Nicolo - Jason and the Golden Fleece

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Ring stone - Nicolo - Jason and the Golden FleeceRing stone - Nicolo - Jason and the Golden Fleece

Ring stone engraved with Jason and the Golden Fleece.
Nicolo. Height 1,1 cm.
Jason is depicted, naked but for a helmet and a chlamys, standing left before the Golden Fleece which
hangs from the tree, next to the altar on which the ram Chrysomallos was sacrificed.
1st century A.D. Roman Empire.

This intaglio relates the myth of Jason and the Argonauts.
In Greek mythology, the Golden Fleece is the fleece of Chrysomallos, a ram with large wings on which Phrixos and Helle fled to escape their stepmother Ino. Arrived in Colchis, Phrixos immolated the ram to Zeus and made a gift of the fleece to King Etes, who suspended it from an oak tree and had it guarded by a dragon and armed men.
Jason and the Argonauts set out on a quest for the Golden Fleece by order of King Pelias, in order to place Jason rightfully on the throne of Iolcus in Thessaly. With the help of Medea, wife of Etes, they acquire the Golden Fleece.

Such depictions are uncommun, however for a similar example, see G.M.A. Richter, Engraved Gems of the Romans (1971), 318.

From the private collection D.D.B. (Lugano, Switzerland), built in the years 1960’s-1990’s.

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