Gothic episcopal or abbey crosier - Limestone

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Gothic episcopal or abbey crosier - LimestoneGothic episcopal or abbey crosier - LimestoneGothic episcopal or abbey crosier - Limestone

Episcopal or abbey crosier imitating a Limousin crosier.
Limestone. Height 43 cm.
Circa 1300. France.
Monobloc, this crosier suffered several breaks that required a rebonding, without the decor being completed. Among the gaps, the wings of the angel that certainly connected the latter to the volute.
Mounted on a wooden base covered with worn velvet (modern wooden base also available).

From an old French collection.

This rare representation carved in one block of the top of a crosier certainly came from a recumbent bishop or abbot or a statue of a Saint.

The center of the volute is decorated with a scene of the Annunciation, the Angel facing the Virgin Mary. This one is probably inspired by a Limousin crosier of copper and enamel, of which several copies are still preserved, in the Louvre, at the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon, or formerly at the Palace of the Evêché in Limoges. It may be noted that an abbot’s crosier on the grounds of the Annunciation was discovered in the enclosure of the Abbey Saint-Florent de Saumur in the twentieth century. These limo sticks were produced between 1250 and 1300.

The volute ends with a vegetal pattern of palmettes with three leaves, as it is the case also on certain Limousin crosses. The back of the volute is adorned with small drops, imitating stones mounted bezels. The nodule is decorated with a frieze of leaves partially erased.

In the carved representations of bishops or abbots, the clothes of the time are represented. Thus a saint bishop carved in the 15th century will be represented with a crosier of the 15th century. So there is reason to think that our crosier date around 1300, at the time when the Limousin crosiers "with the Annunciation" were still in circulation, especially since the crosiers were usually personal items that churchmen often took with in their grave.


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