Thoueris - Faience

Thoueris - FaienceThoueris - FaienceThoueris - Faience

Faience. Height 5 cm.
Late Period, 664-332 B.C. Egypt.
Fragment. Beautiful style.

Thoueris is the graecised name of Ta-Ouret " The Big " in Egyptian. It is a goddess hippopotamus protector of the pregnant women, their child and their delivery. She is represented under the female shape of a hippopotamus to the hanging breast, to the round stomach. Only her ex-members, the middle-arm the middle-legs, are preserved. Her posterior members are legs of lioness. Her mouth is opened letting exceed generally her tongue, little visible on this statuette. She wears a tripartite headgear prolonged by a tail of crocodile.

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