The Gepides - AR 1/4 siliqua

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The Gepides - AR 1/4 siliqua

The Gepides.
AR quarter siliqua in the name of Anastasius I, Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia) after 491.
[D]N ANASTASIVS P P AV[G] Pearl-diademed and cuirassed bust r.
IMLMVDA+ATCIVMIL* around monogram of Theodoric.
0,77 g. F. Stefan, Die Münzstätte Sirmium unter den Ostgoten und Gepiden (Halle 1925) pl. 298,V ; cfr Z. Demo, Ostrogothic Coinage from the collection in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina (1994) pl. 119,194. Broad flan. Extremely fine


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