Veliocassi (Celtic Gaul) - AE bronze

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Veliocassi (Celtic Gaul) - AE bronze

Veliocassi (Celtic Gaul, region of Rouen).
AE bronze, around 60-30 BC
Small human facing head between two beaded mats. Twisted orque (?)under the chin. On the left, a snake rising till above the skull. On the right, undetermined decorative element.
Galloping horse right, the rump and chest adorned with a centered circle. A star above and below the horse.
2,69 g. LT 8406 var. ; S. Scheers, Traité 598; L.-P. Delestrée, Les monnaies gauloises de Bois l’Abbé (1984) p. 126 & pl. II, 54; L.-P. Delestrée, Monnayages et peuples gaulois du Nord-Ouest (1996) p. 55,13 var. & p. 79,14 var. ; DT 405 var. Very rare. Nice black patina. Almost extremely fine / Extremely fine

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