Neroncens (Gallia Narbonensis, oppidum of Montlaurès) - AE bronze

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Neroncens (Gallia Narbonensis, oppidum of Montlaurès) - AE bronze

Neronken (Gallia Narbonensis, Narbonne area, oppidum of Montlaurès).
AE bronze, 2nd century B.C.
Human head left. In front of face, two dolphins or double rinceau.
Horse left. Above, sword pointing upwards.
1,47 g. LT - ; G. Depeyrot, Le numéraire celtique I, La Gaule du Sud-Est (2002) 168 ; M. Py, Dicomon IBL-168. Very rare. Very good style. Nice black patina. Nearly extremely fine

This little people is neither mentioned by Ptolemy, nor by Strabo, nor by Caesar. It was to belong to the more general set of Longostaletes, in the region between Narbonne and Béziers. The recent excavations, carried out in the last thirty years, have enabled the oppida of Montlaurès and Ensérune to be given the importance they had acquired between the creation of the province of Narbonensis in 118 B.C. and the end of the Gallic Wars.

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