Coinage so-called

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Coinage so-called

Coinage so-called "Gallo-Roman" centered in the Oise.
Bronze. Circa late 1st century B.C. and early 1st century A.D.
Hirsute bearded head right. In front of the face, •XX•.
Galley left with mast and oars.
2,41 g. LT - ; Scheers, Traité - ; DT 701 var (galley right). Unpublished (?). Lovely green patina. Extremely fine

In the last decade of the first century B.C., several series called "Gallo-Roman" in Northern Gaul constitute the latest issues of the native mints.
The "galley" of the reverse seems inspired by the denarius of Pompey issued in 43-44 B.C. (RRC 483/2) or more directly by the reverse of the denarius "of the legions" issued by Marcus-Antonius in 32-31 B.C. (RRC 544/12). The denarii of this last type, almost invariably plated, are not rare on the entrenched camps of Augustus. L.-P. Delestrée & M. Tache.

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