Catuslugi (Gallia Belgica) - AE bronze - DT 505

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Catuslugi (Gallia Belgica) - AE bronze - DT 505

Catuslugi (Gallia Belgica, sanctuary of Bois-l’Abbé, Eu in Haute-Normandie).
AE bronze, circa 60-30 B.C.
Small human head left, nose straight and straight hair encircled by a pearl line. In front of face, ear with long beaded stem. Under the chin, centred ringlet. Behind head, two ringlets and an S-shaped annelid snake. Behind neck, ringlet.
VIIRICIVS Horse with beaded mane galloping left, chest and croup with centred ringlet. Under head, centred ringlet. Beneath horse’s head, centered ring and wheel with hub.
1,96 g. LT 8569 ; Scheers, Traité 454 ; L.-P. Delestrée, Les monnaies gauloises de Bois-l’Abbé, pp. 66-71 & pl. I,32 ; L.-P. Delestrée, Monnayages et peuples gaulois du Nord-Ouest, 50,31 ; DT 505. Brown patina. Very fine


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