Carnutes (Celtic Gaul) - AE bronze - DT 2589

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Carnutes (Celtic Gaul) - AE bronze - DT 2589

Carnutes (Celtic Gaul, Chartres area).
AE bronze, circa 50-25 BC.
CATAL Female head (?) right, the hair held by a ribbon tied on the side, the ends of which fall on the cheek. Behind the head, leaf. Grenetis around.
Three-quarters eagle with outstretched wings, looking left, standing on a stylized thunderbolt. Left, inverted S and fleur-de-lis scepter. Right, inverted S, centered ringlet and amphora.
3,37 g. LT 6329 var. ; Scheers, Danicourt 180 ; Scheers, Lyon 793 ; DT 2589. Splendid black patina. Extremely fine

The reverse is inspired by the denarius of Q. Cassius Longinus struck in 55 BC (Crawford 428/3). S. Scheers, Lyon 793.


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