Caletes (Gallia Belgica) - AR obol - DT 666 var.

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Caletes (Gallia Belgica) - AR obol - DT 666 var.

Caletes (Gallia Belgica, Caux area).
AE bronze, circa 60-25 B.C.
Head right wearing helmet with beaded crest and beaded necklace. In front of face, two rings connected by an arc, evoking spectacle without temples.
Horse free, with beaded mane, galloping left. In front of horse, beaded bar ended by ΛΟ. Above, possible trace of charioteer holding a beaded stick. Below, eight-spoke wheel.
2,49 g. DT 666 var. (beaded ring in front of the face) ; Louis-Pol Delestrée, Les monnaies gauloises de Bois l’Abbé, pl. III & fig. 84. Very rare. Nice green patina. Nearly extremely fine

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