Aulerci Eburovices (Celtic Gaul) - AE bronze

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Aulerci Eburovices (Celtic Gaul) - AE bronze

Aulerci Eburovices (Celtic Gaul, Evreux area).
AE bronze, circa 50-25 B.C.
Human head left, hair depicted with esses stretched in a network of oval dots. In front of face, esse. In front of mouth, ringlet.
Caprid galloping left. Below, a boar left. In front of mouth of caprid, a ringlet, two above his back. The tail is doubled with a dotted line.
2,82 g. LT 7037 ; Scheers, Traité 786 ; Delestrée-Dhénin RN (1985) pl. III,16 ; DT 2451. Small chip in the patina on the reverse. Beautiful brown-green patina. Extremely fine


€ 680 ,-