Ambiani (?) (Gaule Belgique) - AE bronze - DT -

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Ambiani (?) (Gaule Belgique) - AE bronze - DT -

Ambiani (?) (Gallia Belgica, Amiens area).
Human head right, hair knotted in a thick braid. The ends of the neck are extended by a wavy line, the left one ending in a bird’s head (?). Under the neck, two crescents. Behind the head, a small horse (?) and a pointed globule in a ringlet. In front of the face, snake with a human facing head (?). Horse frolicking right. Above, ringlet and inverted question mark. Beneath, a small frontpart of horse left. Under the head, small annelid worm (or small frontpart of horse) and dot.
1,70 g. Unpublished (?). Nice green patina. Very fine


€ 1 275 ,- € 893 ,-