Ambiani (Gallia Belgica) - AE bronze - DT 442 var.

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Ambiani (Gallia Belgica) - AE bronze - DT 442 var.

Ambiani (Gallia Belgica, Amiens area).
AE bronze, circa 60-25 B.C.
Two ibex standing face-to-face on their hind legs. Between them, little boar-sign left. Zigzag decor around.
Boar-sign left. Above, wavy line with pellet at the ends as well as a globule with four appendices in ring. In front, ring with four radiating appendices with pellet at ends and a centered ring. Between the legs, ring and two dots in triangle. On the exergue, a wavy line.
1,30 g. For the reverse, see L.-P. Delestrée, Une fausse énigme : le bronze Vauvillé n ° 14, CN 133 (September 1997) fig. 3 var. ; DT 442 var. Rare. Olive green patina. Nearly extremely fine


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