Ambiani (Gallia Belgica) - AE bronze - DT 328

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Ambiani (Gallia Belgica) - AE bronze - DT 328

Ambiani (Gallia Belgica, Amiens area).
AE bronze, circa 60-30 B.C.
Archer kneeling left, his long hair knotted in a braid. He bends his bow towards a boar turning his back, standing vertically in front of him.
Galloping free horse left, bird perched on its rump. Below, bird (?) perched on branch, upside down. In front of horse, centered ring. Another on his chest. Under his head, small ring.
2,45 g. LT 8426 var. ; Scheers, Traité 356-357 ; L.-P. Delestrée, Monnayages et Peuples gaulois du Nord-Ouest (1996) p. 44,48 ; DT 328. Very rare. Nice green patina. Very fine to extremely fine


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