Berge (Thasian Peraia) - AR stater

Berge (Thasian Peraia) - AR stater

Berge (Thasian Peraia).
AR stater, circa 490 B.C.
Nude ithyphallic satyr grasping right arm of nymph, trying to move away from him. In field left and right, two pellets.
Quadripartite incuse square.
9,33 g. H. Gaebler, AMNG Makedonia und Paionia, p. 68,6 var & pl. XIV,21 ; J.N.Svoronos, L’hellénisme primitif de la Macédoine, pl. VII,16 var. Colin M. Kraay, ACGC pl. 29,515.
Very rare. Of superb Archaic style. Slightly repatinated. Very fine to extremely fine

This coinage, formerly attributed to Lete or Siris in Macedonia, has been reconsidered by Selene Psoma, The “Lete” Coinage Reconsidered, in Agoranomia : Studies in Money and Exchange Presented to John H. Kroll (2006), pp. 61-86.


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