Uncertain mint (Gallia Narbonensis) - AE sextans (?)

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Uncertain mint (Gallia Narbonensis) - AE sextans (?)

Uncertain mint (Gallia Narbonensis).
AE sextans (?). Late 1st century B.C.
SEX.F Male bust draped right with short hair. Behind head, volute.
T.POM Bull standing right.
1,54 g. Scheers, Danicourt 213 ; Scheers, Seine-Maritime 41 ; Roman Provincial Coinage 507 ; Scheers, Lyon 417 . Maurel 1137. Very nice green patina. Extremely fine

It was certainly struck in the Provincia, as these coins are quite frequently found in southern France. T. Pom. Sex. f. was probably a member of the Gens Pompeia, not Pomponia, as members of this gens are frequently named on inscriptions of the Provincia.