Turones (Celtic Gaul) - AE bronze

Turones (Celtic Gaul) - AE bronze

Turones (Celtic Gaul, Tours area).
AE bronze, circa 40-30 B.C.
TVRONOS Female bust right, hair tied in bun.
T]RICC[OS Warrior wearing spear and shield, standing in biga right.
3.81 g. LT 6995-6993 ; Scheers, Les monnaies de la Gaule inspirées de celles de la République romaine, pl. VII, 96 ; Scheers, Lyon 700 ; DT 3511 (potin). Rare in this style and this quality. Beautiful green patina. Nearly extremely fine

The attribution to the Turones is suggested by the provenances (see B. Fischer, Le numéraire gaulois de Tours et Turonos/Triccos, CN 28, 1991). But the fact that Turonos is a man’s name or an ethnic name is undetermined.


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