Lingones (?) (Celtic Gaul) - AR quinarius

Lingones (?) (Celtic Gaul) - AR quinarius

Lingones (?) (Celtic Gaul, Langres area).
AR quinaire, circa 60-50 B.C.
ARIVOS Female helmeted head left.
SAN[TONOS] Galloping horse right. Below, a centered and beaded circle.
1,74 g. LT 4525 ; Scheers, Lyon 853 ; DT 3265. Extremely fine

The traditional attribution of these quinarii to the Santones people is based on the legend SANTONOS, but it is likely that it corresponds rather to the ethnic Arivos. The known provenances do not yet make it possible to locate with certainty the origin of these coins. In 1975 none had been found on the Santones territory.


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