Carnutes (Celtic Gaul) - AR quinarius

Carnutes (Celtic Gaul) - AR quinarius

Carnutes (Celtic Gaul, Chartres area).
AR quinarius, circa 50-45 B.C.
BIIINO[C Head of a youth left, with curly hair.
Squeezed horse standing left.
1,90 g. Scheers, Rouen 418 ; Scheers, Lyon 856-857 ; BMC 583 ; DT 2658. Stuck on short and thick flan. Beautiful dark patina. Extremely fine

This series of quinarii seems to come from an issue of an unknown tribe in west-central Gaul. Currently, to the few scattered provenances identified long ago, can be added a larger number of locations of finds all located north of the Loire. Their presence, discreet but significant in quantity on late camps of auxiliaries of the Roman army, suggests that it could be extra money for the pay of the auxilia.

The Romanized type of the obverse is imitated from the denarius of Caius Piso L. f. Frugi, struck between 67 and 64 B.C.


€ 400 ,-