Carnutes (Celtic Gaul) - AE bronze

Carnutes (Celtic Gaul) - AE bronze

Carnutes (Celtic Gaul, Chartres area).
AE bronze, 57-54 B.C.
EΛKESOOYIΞ Head right, with long curly hair. Behind neck, a vine leaf.
TA-SG-II-TI-OS Flying Pegasus right.
3,31 g. LT 6295 ; Scheers, Lyon 772 ; DT 2593. Very nice black patina. Very fine to extremely fine

The head on the obverse is borrowed from the denarii of the Calpurnia gens, the Pegasus from the denarius of Q. Titius, struck c. 90-88 B.C. (see Crawford 341/1-2). This bronze was struck by Tasgetius, who became king of the Carnutes in 57 and was murdered in 54.


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