"Ambiani" (Gallia Belgica) - AV quarter stater

"Ambiani" (Gallia Belgica, sanctuary of Digeon area in the Somme).
AV quarter stater, circa 50-30 B.C.
Very stylized human head right.
Strapped horse right with beaded mane. To right, centered ring. Under the horse, S-shaped pattern. Above, small annelid snake turning left (partly off flan).
1,41 g. Scheers, Traité 182-183 ; L.-P. Delestrée, Une série en or inédite dans l’Ouest du Belgium, CN 87 (1986) p. 130, fig. 1-7 ; L.-P. Delestrée, Monnayage et peuples gaulois du Nord-Ouest, (1996) p. 94, fig. 20 ; L.P. Delestrée, Les monnayages en or en Gaule Belgique dérivés du statère à flan large, RN (1997) pl. III, fig. 21 ; DT 330 (this piece). Rare. Almost extremely fine

This series is centered around the sanctuary of Digeon (Somme). It seems to be due to a small anonymous people south-west of the Ambiani and west of the Bellovaci. It could be a numismatic isolate of the pre-Augustan period. This coinage, very localized, constitutes in continental Gaul, the latest derivatives of the biface stater of short flan. (L.-P. Delestrée).