Ambiani (Gallia Belgica) - AV hemistater

Ambiani (Gallia Belgica) - AV hemistater

Ambiani (Gallia Belgica, Amiens area).
AV quarter stater, 60-25 B.C.
Broken up head right, inspired by that of quarters of stater with wide flan.
Stringy horse right still identifiable, mutilated, whose anterior members are replaced by a line with pellet at the ends. Hatched head and barred mane. Above, four globules. On the left, two stars. Below, four vertical lines of globules. Coming from sex, a long barbed appendage.
1,51 g. Louis-Pol Delestrée & Philippe Chauchoy, Une nouvelle série en or inédite et tardive à l’ouest du Belgium, CN 93 (1987) 299,5 var. ; DT 336 var. Very rare. Extremely fine

The area of dispersal of the known provenances, at the crossroads of the Ambiani in the North, the Bellovaci in the South and the Catuslogi in the West is much smaller than the surface of a traditional city. The average of the weights would give a theoretical stater of 5,96 g which would be close to the preferred weight index of the most recent classes of contemporary Belgian emissions from the end of the Gallic Wars.


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