Ambiani (?) (Gallia Belgica) - AE bronze

Ambiani (?) (Gallia Belgica) - AE bronze

Ambiani (?) (Gallia Belgica, Amiens area).
AE bronze, circa 50-25 B.C.
Boar-sign left, surmounted by laurel branch. In front, pattern in form of purse and globule. Behind hindquarters, ringlet.
Horse galloping left, Mane doubled with beaded line. Above, X-shaped pattern. Below, a wheel with two spokes and off center hub.
2,33 g. LT - ; Scheers, Traité 452 var. ; DT 462. Very rare. Beautiful green patina. Extremely fine

The few known sources did not confirm that this piece belongs to the common set of the Ambiani. It could be attributed to the Aulerci Eburovices.


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