Suessiones (Gallia Belgica) - AV stater of

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Suessiones (Gallia Belgica) - AV stater of

Suessiones (Gallia Belgica, Soissons area).
AV stater of "anchor" type, circa 70 B.C.
Extreme stylization of a human head right. Above, small motive in the form of an anchor.
Galloping horse right. Above, remains of the charioteer. Below, a wheel.
6,14 g. LT 8020 var. ; Scheers, Traité 172 var. ; Revue Numismatique, 1997, 11 pl. 2 var. ; DT 169 var. Seems unpublished with two stars on the obverse. Good style. Nearly extremely fine

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